With a complete range of equipment in house, we have the resources on hand to meet your next job requirement.

Our equipment is maintained to Manufacturers’ specifications and Australian Standards  by our own in house factory certified Technician, as part of our ISO9001 programme.

Deco Chamber


Dive Spreads

Camplin MCI maintains a number of dive spreads capable of supporting complex operations at depths of up to 50 metres. Dive spreads can be customised to suit client requirements and we have the capacity to conduct multiple operations simultaneously.

Camplin MCI also has a specialist dive spread for conducting work in contaminated environments.


Specialist Equipment

With a diverse range of specialist plant and equipment, including hydraulic power packs with tooling requirements, HP and LP compressors, and diving specific equipment such as decompression chambers, Caviblasters, Underwater NDT testing tools (Cygnus) for thickness testing.

Certain items such as the NDT Tools and IMCA compliant 60 inch, twin lock, containerised decompression chamber, are available for direct hire.

All plant and equipment is highly mobile and can be transported to most locations throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim.

“From the traditional to the specialist, Camplin MCI have a full range of equipment available”